Ol Man Winter is Creeping!


Welcome to the GreenScene Website. We have been busy with lots of projects this fall and are going into winter with lots to do still! Visit our contact page to schedule fall clean-ups or any other projects you might want to fit in. We are scheduling any interior projects like fireplaces, tile work and much more. Get in touch with us so we can fill you in on our interior services. Also, we have some spots left for winter snow removal and de-icing. Get at us soon as the snow is approaching. Check out the latest section of our website in the photo gallery. We added a before and after section so you can see what GreenScene does best. Thanks for looking us up!


This year has been an exciting one! We have installed fences, stone walls and walkways, paver walks, stone steps and lots more! Check out some of the photos in our gallery to see some of our most recent projects...