Fall/Winter - 2016-2017

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting GreenScene On the web! Fall is here and now is the time to get some of those last minute landscaping or maintenance projects done before the winter.  Below are some of the services we offer to get you ready for the long haul of winter....

Fall Clean ups - Fall is a great time to prepare your landscape for next year. If you would like to make special arrangements for clean-ups, wrapping shrubs, fall pruning, deer protection, or gutter cleaning, please contact our office. We still have limited room on our fall project schedule. Fall is a good time to repair any lawn damage or install new lawns, along with any new planting additions. 

Projects - Thinking of a deck? patio? walkway? We still have some time left in the season to bring these fruitions to life! We have crews available to install decks (wood and composite), stone or paver patios, retaining walls etc... Please contact us very soon!

Interior work - We are proud to offer interior work through our winter period. We have full time carpentry and mason crews available to give you a hand with some of those inside projects you have been waiting to get completed.  Here is a list of interior services - Fireplace installation (stone veneer, hearth stone installation, mantle pieces etc.),  Carpentry work, additions, interior or exterior door installations, foundation repair, and the list goes on and on... Please contact us today!

2017 project planning - Now is the time to prepare for next year! Planning and designing in the spring can be tough, all crews and staff are full go and time can be limited to meeting with your designer/estimator.  We have a nice relaxing winter ahead of us and our estimators are working with customers throughout the winter to plan for your next project. Planning now will get you on our early installation schedule and the rest of your year can be spent enjoying the work we provide for you. Give us a call, email or if you are old school, send us a letter!! 

Thank you for making our Spring/Summer/Fall of 2016 so great.. Our customers and crew have been wonderful this year  and we look forward to providing you with many years of continuous service... 


The GreenScene Team


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